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Cleaning and maintenance
Always unplug the appliance before you clean it or replace a filter.
Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid.
Never use aggressive or flammable cleaning agents such as bleach or
alcohol to clean any part of the appliance.
Only the pre-filter, the humidification filter and the water softener are
washable. All other filters are NOT washable.
Body of the appliance
Regularly clean the inside and outside of the body to prevent dust from
collecting on the inside and outside.
Wipe away dust with a soft dry cloth from the body of the appliance.
Clean the air inlet and the air outlet with a soft dry cloth.
Air quality sensor and air humidity sensor
Clean the air quality sensor and air humidity sensor every 2 months for
optimal functioning of the appliance. Clean it more frequently if you use the
appliance in a dusty environment.
Note: When the humidity level in the room is very high, it is possible that
condensation develops on the air quality sensor. As a result, the AIR QUALITY
indicator may indicate that the air quality is bad even though the air quality
is good. In this case you have to clean the air quality sensor or use one of the
manual speed settings.
Clean the inlet and outlet of the air quality/humidity sensors with a
soft brush.
Remove the cover of the air quality/humidity sensors.
Clean the sensors, the dust inlet and the dust outlet with a lightly
moistened cotton swab.
Dry them with a dry cotton swab.
Reattach the cover of the air quality/humidity sensors.
Water bucket
Clean the water bucket every day to keep it hygienically clean.


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