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Maintenance And Cleaning; External Cleaning; Cleaning The Door; Cleaning The Filter - Zanussi ZTA 110 Instruction Booklet

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Maintenance and Cleaning

You must disconnect the appliance from the
electricity supply, before you can carry out any
cleaning or maintenance work.

External cleaning

Use only soap and water and then dry thoroughly.
Important: do not use methylated spirit, diluents or
similar products.

Cleaning the door

Clean periodically the interior part of the door to
remove any fluff.
Accurate cleaning ensures correct drying.

Cleaning the filter

Your dryer will only function well if the filter is clean.
The filter collects all the fluff which accumulates
during drying and it must therefore be cleaned at
the end of each programme before removing the
laundry with a damp cloth.
The filter cannot be removed.
Do not be alarmed by the amount of fluff. It is not
due to excessive wear caused by the dryer. All fabric
loses fluff when drying but it goes un-noticed in the
air. In a tumble dryer it simply collects in the filter.