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Use; The Control Panel - Zanussi ZTA 110 Instruction Booklet

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The control panel

1 Programme chart
This will help you to select the correct programme for
2 Low temperature button - "LAGE
Pressing this button allows drying to be performed at
a lower temperature, for delicate items.
The corresponding pilot light comes on.
3 Cool Tumbling Button
By pressing this button the heat is cut off. This is
particularly useful to freshen the laundry (e.g. to
remove a persistent odour of moth-balls) or to dry
particularly delicate items.
In this case, you should select a longer drying time.
4 Mains-ON light
This lights up when the machine starts operating
and goes out at the end of the programme.
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5 Drying Time Selector Dial
The selector dial incorporates two drying cycles, one
of up to 150 minutes at a high temperature for cotton
and linen, and one of up to 100 minutes at a low
temperature for synthetic fabrics.
To set the machine to the selected time, turn the dial
clockwise until the time you want coincides exactly
with the pointer.
NEVER attempt to turn the dial in an anticlockwise
When selecting the drying time, you should
remember that it includes a 10 minute cooling phase
on the dial).
This phase should not be shortened, stopped or
avoided, as this could cause skin burns or damages
to the laundry.
Additional drying
If at the end of the programme, the laundry is still too
dump, set the dial for a further period of drying
(remembering to take into account the cooling