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Operating Sequence - Zanussi ZTA 110 Instruction Booklet

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Operating sequence

Before starting up for the first time it is advisable lo
load a few moist cloths into the dryer and to let it run
for about 20 minutes. This ensures that no dust and
dirt is left in the drum.
1. Load the laundry
Open the door by pulling the catch forwards.
Load the items one at a time, shaking them out
loosely and close the door.
Please check the laundry does not get caught
between the door and filter.
2. Select the required option.
3. Select the drying time
Turn the selector dial clockwise to the desired time,
in the high or low temperature section, depending on
the laundry: the mains-on light illuminates and the
machine starts operating.
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4. When drying is completed
The machine stops automatically, the mains-on light
goes out.
If the laundry is still too damp, select a further brief
drying time, bearing in mind that during the last 10
minutes the dryer carries out the cooling and anti-
crease treatment phase.
Clean the filter after every drying programme.
A clean filter ensures correct functioning of the