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Installation; Unpacking; Positioning; Fitting The Vent Hose - Zanussi ZTA 110 Instruction Booklet

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It is recommended that, for your convenience,
the machine is positioned close to your
washing machine.
Whilst drying, the tumble dryer will expel a
certain amount of warm, very moist air, and this
should be removed from the room as quickly as
possible to prevent condensation. In an
extremely well ventilated room or close to an
open window, this may occur naturally.
However, in general, it is better to carry the
dryer's exhaust outside via a 100 mm diameter
flexible hose (supplied with the machine);
ending either temporarily at an open window, or
permanently at a fixed ventilation grille, fitted to
an exterior wall or window.
The tumble dryer must be installed in a clean
place, where dirt does not build up.
Make sure there are no obstructing items or
material near the air-intake louvres provided at
the back (e.g. paper, rags etc.).
To keep vibration and noise to a minimum
when the dryer is in use, it should be placed on
a firm, level surface.
Once in its permanent operating position,
check that the dryer is absolutely level with the
aid of a spirit level. If it is not, raise or lower the
two adjustable feet at the front of the machine
until it is.
The feet must never be removed.
Do not restrict the floor clearance through
deep-pile carpets, strips of wood or similar.
This might cause heat build-up which would
interfere with the operation of the appliance.
When operating the tumble dryer, the room
temperature must not exceed 35°C, as it may
affect the performance of the appliance.
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Fitting the vent hose

To simplify the installation, there is a choice of
vent outlets: one at the back, the others in the
left and right-hand side.
Connect the hose to whichever is the more
convenient by pulling the ring nut (A) from the
vent outlet at the back, screwing it on to the
hose and pushing it firmly back into place.
The unused vents should now be sealed with
the special snap covers provided.
Advice: If the hose is long and the room
temperature low, the moisture might condense
to water inside the hose. This is an
unavoidable natural phenomenon. To prevent
this water from lying in the hose or flowing
back into the tumble dryer, it is advisable to
drill a small hole (dia. 3 mm) in the lowest point
of the hose and to place a small container
below it.(See picture, point B).
Once connected to the dryer, run the vent hose
to the desired outlet point, ensuring that the
run's overall length is less than 2.5 m, and that
it contains no more than two bends. As to the
outlet itself, if you have decided on a fixed
wall/window grille, a good local builder's
merchant should be able to supply you with the
necessary fittings and installation advice.