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Kenmore 11066152500 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial dryer- or electric


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Sears Roebuck and Co=, Hoffman Estates, HL60179 U=S=A=
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Summary of Contents for Kenmore 11066152500

  • Page 1 ® INSTALLA ON IN_ COMMERCIAL DRYER- or Electric 8575078 Sears Roebuck and Co=, Hoffman Estates, HL60179 U=S=A= www, sears,com...
  • Page 2 Table of Contents INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS = ELECTRIC DRYER ..11 DRYER SAFETY ................iNSTALLATiON REQUIREMENTS ..........Prepare the Dryer ..............Install Coin Slide and Coin Box ..........11 Tools and Parts ................Make Electrical Connection ............Location Requirements .............. Connect Vent ................Electrical Requirements ............
  • Page 3 WARN(NG: For your safety, the information in this manua( must be followed to m(n(mize 1 the risk of fire or e×p(os(on, or to prevent property damage, persona( injury, or death. - Do not store or use gasoline or other flammab(e vapors and Hqu(ds in the vicinity of this...
  • Page 4 iNSTALLATiON REQUIREMENTS Gather the required tools and parts before starting installation. Tools needed m 8" or 10" pipe wrench m 8" or 10" adjustable wrench m Flat-blade screwdriver m Phillips screwdriver m Adjustable wrench that opens to 1" (2.5 cm) or hex-head Explosion Hazard socket wrench...
  • Page 5 Minimum installation C learances Product Diraensions 27" (68,6 cra) dryer _ 4" (35.6 cm) -_--_27" (68.6 cm) max. 15" Closet (3&1 cm)* door ELECTRIC 0" (35.6 cm) (O cm) 37 _ BACK VIEW (94 ore) o"(ocm) 0" (0 cm) 1" (2.5 cm) 13"...
  • Page 6 :::::, :::: .... IMPORTANT: The dryer must be electricaly grounded in accordance with local codes and ordinances or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, latest edition. The National Electric Code requires a 4-wire supply connection for homes built after 1996, dryer circuits involved in remode/ng after 1996, and all mobile home installations.
  • Page 7 Gas Supply Line Recommended method Provide a gas supply line of 1/2"rigid (IPS) pipe to the dryer location. Pipe joint compounds that resist the action of LP gas must be used. Do not use TEFLON _t tape. With LP gas, piping or tubing size can be 1/2"minimum.
  • Page 8 Installed in a confined area: if using an existing vent system, clean lint from the entire length of the system and make sure exhaust hood is not plugged with If the dryer is instalbd in a confined area such as a bathroom lint.
  • Page 9 if an exhaust hood cannot be used: M_ltipteDryerVenting The outside end of the main vent should have a sweep elbow directed downward. If the main vent travels vertically through the [] Amain vent c anbeused forventing a group ofdryers. Main roof, rather than through the wall, install a 180 °...
  • Page 10 NSTALLAT ON NSTRUCT ONS- GAS DRYER 2. Replace the meter case service door. Make sure the lock is located toward the rear of the case. i_:::i_,,'_<@l:}Sii._ @ i_iiil_ii:i!!_ iil}i_}i_,@ii ..The console houses the factory-installed accumulator timer with Adjusting Coin actuating arm and button.
  • Page 11 3, Check dryer operation (some accumulated time may be on the timer due to factory testing). insert coins in slide and press slide in slowly. (Operating time With dryer in final position place level on top of the dryer, first will accumulate per number of coins and type of timing cam side to sidel then front to back.
  • Page 12 Adjusting Coin Box The tight fit of the coin box is set at the factory. You can !oosen the fit as desired by loosening the slotted rods inside the front of the coin box. Power Supply Cord Method This dryer is manufactured with the cabinet-ground conductor connected to the neutral (center) of the wiring harness at the terminal block.
  • Page 13 Assemble ¾" UL-listed strain relief (UL marking on strain relief) into the hole below termina! block opening. Tighten strain relief screws just enough to hold the two clamp sections together. Install power supply cord through the strain relief. A. Strain relief clamp sections B, Dryer cabinet C, Strain relief screws Complete installation following instructions for your type of...
  • Page 14 Power Supply Cord, Use this method where local cedes permit connecting Three-wire electrical connection_ cabinet-ground conductor to neutral w{re: 5, Loosen or remove center terminal block screw. 6, Connect the neutral wire (white or center) of power supply cord to the center, silver- colored terminal screw of the terminal block.
  • Page 15 1, Disconnect power. DirectWireMethod 2, Remove hold-down screw and terminal block cover. /" A. External ground conductor screw B. Tab Fire Hazard C, Terrninalblock cover D, Hold-down screw Use 10 gauge soJid copper wire. Use a UL misted strain relief. Install ¾"...
  • Page 16 Direct Wire, Use this method where mocal codes permit Three=wire electrical connection: connecting cabinet-ground conductor neutral wire: 5, Loosen or remove center terminal block screw. 6, Place the hooked end of the neutral wire (white or center) of direct wire cable under the center screw of the terminal block (hook facing right).
  • Page 17 COIN BOX OPTIONS NOTE: For any other type of money-accepting device, please see ;11710 ¸--.¸ elf' the manufacturer's instructions to change vend price. Electricam Shock Hazard Disconnect power before servicing, Electrical Shock Hazard Replace all parts and panels before operating. Disconnect power before servicing, Failure to do so can result in death or electdcam shock.
  • Page 18 Turn coin chute upside down and set new vend price by adding or removing the appropriate block-out keys and/or dime inserts according to the following Table of Vend Prices. TABLE OF VEND PRICES VEND comN SLOTS PR|CE I _ 3 4 _ 6 7 8 |||||||| lO¢...
  • Page 19 Clean Iint screen after each cycle. For Sears warranty information or to contact a Sears Service Center, call I=800=4=MY=HOME _ (1=800=469-4663). m Removing accumulated lint: if you need SERVICE or PARTS for your Kenmore coin- m From inside the dryer cabinet: operated washer:...
  • Page 20 Your Home For repair-in your home-of aH major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, nomatter w homade it, nomatter w hosoldit! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.