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Installation - KitchenAid KHMS 9010/I Instructions Manual

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Technical information for the installer
• This product can be built into a 20 to 40 mm deep worktop.
• The hob cannot be installed with an oven underneath. Always insert a separator panel under
the hob at a distance of no less than 25 mm from the lowest point (electronic control
module) on the appliance. Follow the measures shown in the "Sizes and installation
measurements (mm)" section.
Before installation, make sure that:
• The local gas mains (type and pressure) and the calibration on the hob are compatible (see
serial no. plaque and interior table).
• The covering on the walls of the appliance or appliances next to the hob are heat resistant in
compliance with local regulations.
• The combustion smoke is released via proper suction hoods or electrical fans installed on the
walls and/or windows.
• The air circulates naturally through a suitable opening that is no less than 100 cm
practicable section, which must be:
• Permanent and accessible on the walls of the room being ventilated and extracting towards
the outside
• Created in such a way that the openings, both inside and out, cannot be obstructed, not
even by mistake
• Protected by plastic grills, metallic netting etc. that, under no condition, should reduce the
practicable section indicated above
• Located close to the floor and placed in such a way that it does not interfere with the
extraction of the combustion smoke.



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