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Precautions And General Recommendations - KitchenAid KHMS 9010/I Instructions Manual

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Precautions and general recommendations

To get the best out of your hob, please read the
instructions carefully and keep them for future
• These instructions are only valid in the countries
whose symbol of destination is shown on the
product description sheet and hob.
• The packaging (plastic bags, expanding
polyurethane, etc.) poses a potential source of
danger to children and should be kept out of
their reach.
• Check that the product has not been damaged
during transport and remove any protective film
from the appliance parts.
• This hob (cat. 3) was designed to be used
exclusively for cooking food in household
surroundings. Any other use (for example
heating rooms) should be regarded as
improper and dangerous.
• Make sure that the installation and
gas/electrical connections are carried out
by a qualified electrician in compliance
with legislation in force locally.
• This appliance should be installed in
compliance with standards in force and
only used in well aired rooms. Read the
instructions before installing and using this
• The pre-fitted gas and its corresponding
supply pressure are shown on the label
attached to the bottom of the hob. If the
fitting has to be changed, see the
paragraph on "Adaptation to different
kinds of gas".
In the event of prolonged usage, additional
ventilation may be required (opening a window or
increasing the suction strength of the hood). Each
time you finish using the hob, always check that the
control buttons are in the off position and shut off
the tap to the gas mains or cylinder.
Warning: the accessible parts become very
hot when the appliance is on. Keep children
away from the appliance to prevent scalding
or burning.
The appliance should not be used by children
or the infirm unless supervised.
Make sure children do not play with the
• Before doing any maintenance work on the
appliance, disconnect it from the electrical
power supply.
• Keep children away from the appliance when it
is in use and when it has just been switched off.
• The appliances should only be repaired or
adjusted by a qualified electrician.
• Make sure the electrical wires of other electrical
appliances do not come into contact with hot
• The induction zones will not switch on if the
pan is not either the right size, or do not attract
a magnet. Use a magnet to check. If the magnet
sticks to the bottom of the pan then it is
magnetic and can be used If the pan is taken off
the cooking area, the zone will switch off and a
"U" is shown in the display. This will disappear
when the pan is replaced back on the cooking
• Avoid the use of high pressure water or steam
cleaning equipment.
• If liquids spill or boil over, the hob may switch
off. In order for it to be switched back on again,
carefully dry the control panel area.
• Metal objects such as knives, forks, spoons or
pan lids should not be placed on the cooking
surface as they could activate the induction zone
and become hot.
To avoid permanently damaging the glass
ceramic hob, do not use:
- pots with bottoms that are not perfectly
- metal pots with enamel bottoms.
• When finished cooking, press the button
• Do not use the cooktop as a work or support
• Do not leave the appliance unattended when
frying – risk of fire.
• If the glass ceramic surface should break or
crack due to a violent impact (falling objects
etc.), disconnect the appliance from the
electrical power supply and contact the
Customer Care Centre immediately.
• Do not place food wrapped in aluminium foil,
plastic containers or cloths on the hot rings.
• Do not drag pots across the glass ceramic
surface – risk of scratching.
• Avoid spilling sugar or other substances on the
surface. If necessary, clean the surface
immediately, following the cleaning and
maintenance instructions in this manual.
• Never heat a tin or can with food in it.



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