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Installation; Installation Locations - AEG A 75210 GT Operating And Installation Manual

Chest freezers “ no frost”
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Disposal of old Appliances
For environmental reasons, refrigeration appliances must be disposed of
properly. This applies to your old appliance, and - at the end of its service life
- for your new appliance as well.
Warning! Before disposing of old appliances make them inoperable. Remove
plug from mains, sever the power cable, remove or destroy any snap or latch
closures. This eliminates the danger that playing children lock themselves into
the appliance (danger of suffocation!) or place themselves into other life-
endangering situations.
The appliance may not be disposed of with domestic waste or bulky refuse.
The refrigerating circuit may not be damaged.
Information concerning collection schedules or locations can be obtained
from the local disposal authorities or town hall.


Installation Location
The appliance should be set up in a well ventilated, dry room. The basement is an
optimal place for chest freezers.
Warning! The appliance may not be exposed to spray or splash water.
Danger of electrical shock!
Energy use is affected by the ambient temperature. The appliance should therefore
– not be exposed to direct sunlight;
– not be installed next to radiators, cookers or other sources of heat;
- only be installed at a location whose ambient temperature corresponds
to the climate classification, for which the appliance is designed.
The climate classification is stipulated on the serial plate which can be
found on the inner side of the lid. The following table shows which
ambient temperature is correct for each climate classification:
Climate classification for an ambient temperature of
Climatic classification
Ambient temperature
+10 to +32 °C
+16 to +32 °C
+18 to +38 °C
+18 to +43 °C



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