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Preparation Of Ice Cube Maker; Replacement Of Electric Bulbs; Packaging And Positioning - AEG A 75210 GT Operating And Installation Manual

Chest freezers “ no frost”
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1 Fill the ice cube maker until
the cubes will be full in the
horizontal position or by the
load line mark in the vertical
position. After this close the
ice cube maker with cap.
2. Place it in the freezer and
leave to solidify holder in the
lid of the.
3. To loosen the frozen cubes,
either bend the ice cube tray or hold it under running water for a few seconds.
Important! Never try to free an ice tray that is frozen to the freezer
compartment using pointed or sharp edged objects. Use a soft plastic scraper.

Replacement of electric bulbs

Warning! Risk of electric shock! Prior to replacement of electric bulbs,
remove the plug from the mains socket or disconnect or unscrew the fuse or
1 Turn the temperature control
knob counterclockwise to"off"
2. Remove mains plug
3. For replacement of the bulb
press the cover hook and
remove as
4. Replace defective light bulb.
5. Place the cover again.
Lamp specification: 220 to 240 V, max 15W bulb holder: E14

Packaging and positioning

Food must be cold before freezing (no more than room
Food must be packed in airtight and moisture -proof
packaging to prevent it from drying out.
Place fresh food for freezing close to the cold sides of the
freezer, making sure that it is not in contact with frozen food already in the
Never fill the freezer to more than loading line (arrow with dashed line)
shown on the illustration.
See under "Helpful hints".
shown in the
Load line
For the removal of the lampshade you have to
push the hook by a screwdriver first, and than you can
turn it out
Cup of the ice cube maker
Load line of the ice cube maker



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