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Description Of Equipment; How To Use; Temperature Alarm - AEG A 75210 GT Operating And Installation Manual

Chest freezers “ no frost”
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Description of equipment

Control panel:
1 Signal lamp of the control section
2. Signal lamp (yellow) for quick
3. Acoustic alarm and alarm signal lamp
4. Push button:
- for reset acoustic alarm
- for start quick freezing mode
- for stop quick freezing mode

How to use

Temperature alarm

If the temperature in the freezer becomes too high, the acoustic alarm
sounds and the alarm signal lamp flashes.
The acoustic alarm signal sound and the red alarm signal lights up:
Press the button to stop the acoustic alarm signal. The red alarm lamp
continues to flash until the freezer reaches the proper temperature.
The acoustic alarm signal fails to sound on putting the equipment into
service until the temperature necessary for safe food storage is maintained.
after loading fresh food in a quantity exceeding the freezing capacity (see
if the lid remains open for long time. If there is a malfunction and the
internol temperature cannot be maintained.and the red alarm indicator fails
to light up:
- if the power supply to the equipment fails
- in the case that the electronic
- temperature controller has failed.
Prior to putting into service
Clean the inside of equipment and all the appliances prior to putting into service the
first time (see chapter: "Maintenance")



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