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Helpful Hints; Normal Operating Sounds; Storage; Freezing - AEG A 75210 GT Operating And Installation Manual

Chest freezers “ no frost”
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Helpful hints

Normal operating sounds

You may hear faint gurgling or bubbling sounds when the refrigerant is
pumped through the coils or tubing at the rear, to the cooling
When the compressor is on, the refrigerant is being pumped round and you
will hear a whirring sound or pulsating noise from the compressor.
A thermostat controls the compressor and you will hear a faint click when
the thermostat cuts in and out.
If the freezer has been switched off briefly, the compressor may not start
immediately when the current is re-connected. This is quite normal.


Frozen food can be stored anywhere inside the freezer, but should be kept
below the load line. Never exceed the maximum storage time for purchased
frozen food. When you buy a frozen food, make sure that it has been stored
at the correct temperature. Do not buy products which have wet or damaged
packaging. Place purchased products in your freezer as quickly as possible. We
recommend using an insulated bag to bring such products home with you.
Never place bottles, warm objects, or fizzy drinks in the freezer.
Important! Do not push food together too much, try to allow air to
circulate around each them.


Only use fresh food of the best quality. Cool hot dishes to room temperature
as quickly as possible before placing them in the freezer. Wrap food carefully
in freezer foil, or use the special freezer boxes or bags which are on the
market. Divide food into small portions before freezing- this ensure that the
freezing is more rapid, and means that you only need to defrost the amount
needed for immediate consumption.
Remember that defrosted food must not be re-frozen. However, cooked dishes
which have been made using defrosted food may be frozen. Mark the freezer
packaging with the date of freezing. We recommend keeping a record of the
contents of your freezer. If freezing is too slow, the quality of the food being frozen
deteriorates. Consequently, do not freeze larger amounts than is stated on the
freezer's data plate. If you wish to freeze several days in a row the maximum
freezing capacity stated per day is reduced by about one-third. As far as possible,
keep the lid closed during freezing. If you inexperienced with home freezing, we
recommend that you purchase a book containing advice and guidlines.



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