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Dishwasher Door Safety Catch - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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Dishwasher door safety catch

The dishwasher has a door safety catch.
This safety catch prevents children opening the dish-
washer door by mistake.
You can set the door safety catch as follows:
1. There is a catch on the left inside the door handle
(1). To ensure that the dishwasher door cannot be
opened unintentionally, push this catch across to
the right (eg. with the handle of a spoon).
2. To open the dishwasher door once the safety
catch has been set you must
– first move the door handle to the left (2) until
you feel slight resistance.
– then push the door handle upwards (3) / for-
3. To cancel the dishwasher door safety catch, push
the catch completely across to the left with your

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