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Connecting The Dishwasher; Water Connection; Permitted Water Pressure; Connect The Inlet Hose - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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Connecting the Dishwasher

Water Connection

The dishwasher is fitted with safety devices that pre-
vent the wash water returning into the drinking water
system and comply with the applicable plumbing reg-
The dishwasher can be connected to cold and hot
water supplies up to max. 60 °C.
The dishwasher must not be connected to open
hot water appliances or instantaneous water heat-

Permitted water pressure

Lowest permitted water pressure:
1 bar (=10 N/cm
=100 kPa)
Highest permitted water pressure:
10 bar (=100 N/cm
=1 MPa)

Connect the inlet hose

The water inlet hose must not be kinked,
crushed or entangled when it is being con-
nected up.
Connect the threaded hose fitting (ISO 228-1:2000)
on the water inlet hose to a tap with an external
thread (¾ inch). The inlet hose is equipped either
with a plastic or with a metal connection nut:
– Tighten plastic hose connection nuts by
hand only.
– Metal hose connection nuts must be tighte-
ned using an appropriate tool. Finally, visu-
ally check that it is water-tight (ensure that the
tap is not dripping).
In order that access to the tap in the kitchen
is not limited by the use of the dishwasher,
we recommend the installation of an addi-
tional tap, or fitting a two way adapter to the
existing tap.
If you need a longer water inlet hose than that
supplied, VDE approved complete hose sets are
to be used. These are available from your local
Service Force Centre.
Consult your installer if the water pressure is less than 1 bar.
In the case of a water pressure greater than 10 bar, a pressure reduc-
tion valve must be used (available from your dealer).

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