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Filling With Special Salt - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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Filling with special salt:

If you are using dishwasher detergent and special
salt separately, add the special salt:
Before using the dishwasher for the first time.
When the
indicator on the control panel is
1. Open the door, remove the lower rack.
2. Undo the lid on the salt container by turning it anti-
3. Only when using for the first time:
fill the salt container with water.
4. Place the funnel supplied on the container open-
Fill the container with special salt through the fun-
nel; the capacity of the container is approx. 1.0-
1.5 kg depending on the grain size. Do not overfill
the salt container with special salt.
The water expelled by filling the salt con-
tainer with special salt runs out of the salt
container onto the base of the washing com-
partment. This is not a cause for concern,
the water will be pumped out at the start of
the next wash programme.
5. Clean any salt remnants on the container open-
6. Turn the lid clockwise to the stop, otherwise spe-
cial salt will leak into the wash water, this could
lead to poor wash results. To avoid this run a rinse
program after filling the salt container with special
salt. This will wash away salt water and any salt
crystals that have been spilt.
Depending on the size of the salt grains, it
can take several hours for the salt to dissolve
in the water and the special salt indicator
to extinguish.
The setting of the water softener and thus
the consumption of salt are dependent on
the hardness of the local water.

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