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Water Inlet Hose With Safety Valve - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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The following section is only applicable to
dishwashers that have a safety valve on the
threaded hose fitting for the tap:

Water inlet hose with safety valve

After connecting the double-walled water inlet hose,
the safety valve is next to the tap. Therefore the water
inlet hose is only under pressure while the water is
running. If the water inlet hose starts to leak during
this operation, the safety valve cuts off the running
water and the draining pump in the dishwasher is
switched on.
Please take care when installing the water
inlet hose:
– The electrical cable for the safety valve is in the
double-walled water inlet hose. Do not
immerse the water inlet hose or the safety
valve in water.
– If the water inlet hose or the safety valve is
damaged, remove the mains plug immediately.
– A water inlet hose with safety valve must only
be replaced by a specialist or Customer Serv-

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