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There Are Problems When Operating The Dishwasher; The Wash Results Are Unsatisfactory - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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... there are problems when operating the dishwasher.

The programme does
not start.
Spots of rust are visible
in the washing compart-
There is a whistling
noise during washing.

...the wash results are unsatisfactory.

The dishes are still dirty.
The wrong wash programme was selected.
The dishes were arranged in such a way as to
stop the water reaching all parts of the surface.
The dish racks must not be overloaded.
The filters in the base of the washing compart-
ment are dirty or incorrectly positioned.
Too little or no detergent was used.
Where there are limescale deposits on the dishes:
The salt dispenser is empty or the water softener
unit is set wrongly.
The drain hose is connected wrongly.
Possible cause
The dishwasher door has not been closed
The mains plug is not plugged in.
The fuse has blown in the household fuse
For dishwasher models with delay start
timer: Delay start has been selected.
The washing compartment is made of anti-
corrosive stainless steel. Any spots of rust
inside the washing compartment stem from
other sources (flakes of rust from the water
pipe or from pans, cutlery etc.) Remove
such spots with a commercially available
stainless steel cleaner.
The whistling is not a cause for concern.
Close the door.
Insert the mains plug.
Replace the fuse.
Where dishes are to be washed imme-
diately, for appliances
- with multidisplay, set the delay start
to 0.
- without multidisplay, cancel the delay
start timer.
Only wash cutlery and dishes that are
suitable for dishwasher use.
Close the salt dispenser lid securely.
Use a different brand of detergent.
The dishes are wet and dull.
Rinse aid was not used.
The rinse aid container is empty.
There are streaks, milky spots or a bluish
coating on glasses and dishes.
Decrease rinse aid dosing.
Water drops have dried onto the glasses
and dishes.
Increase rinse aid dosing.
The detergent may be the cause. Contact the
detergent manufacturer's consumer advisor.

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