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What To Do, When; Error Messages Are Displayed - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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What to do, when ...

Try to rectify minor faults on the dishwasher with the
aid of the instructions given here. If you call in cus-
tomer service to resolve one of the malfunctions
listed here, or rectify an error made in the operation
of the appliance, the customer service engineer's visit
is not free of charge, even during the period of guar-

...Error messages are displayed.

If any of the indicators in the control panel, as listed in the table below, are flashing or are illuminated, you can
probably rectify the fault yourself.
The cycle indicator for the
selected dishwashing cycle
is flashing; error code Å 10
is displayed in the multi-dis-
play, there is no water run-
ning into the dishwasher.
The cycle indicator for the
selected dishwashing cycle
is flashing, error code Å 20
is displayed in the multi-dis-
Error code Å 30 is displayed
in the multi-display.
After rectifying the Å 10 or Å 20 error, press the button
for the dishwashing cycle that has been started. The
dishwashing cycle will continue.
If the fault is displayed again, please contact cus-
tomer service.
For all other errors displayed, please contact
customer service, stating the error code.
Possible cause
The tap is blocked or furred with lime-
The tap is turned off.
The filter (where present) in the threaded
hose fitting at the water inlet valve is
Filters in the base of the washing com-
partment are blocked.
The water inlet hose has not been cor-
rectly laid.
The siphon is blocked.
The water drain hose has not been cor-
rectly laid.
The leak prevention system has been trig-
Clean tap.
Turn the tap on.
Clean the filter in the threaded hose
Press the button for the commenced
dishwashing cycle,
then abort the dishwashing cycle (see
chapter: Starting a dishwashing
clean out the filters (see chapter:
Cleaning the filters).
Check hose installation.
Clean out siphon.
Check hose installation.
Turn off the tap and contact customer

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