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Disposal; Economical And Ecological Dishwashing - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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Disposing of the Packaging Material
Dispose of the dishwasher packaging material cor-
rectly. All the packaging materials used are harmless
to the environment and can be recycled.
Plastic parts are marked with standard interna-
tional abbreviations:
– >PE<
for polyethylene, e.g. sheet wrapping
– >PS<
for polystyrene, e.g. padding mate-
rial (always CFC-free)
– >POM< for polyoxymethylene, e.g. plastic
Cardboard packaging is manufactured from recy-
cled paper and should be deposited in the waste
paper collection for recycling.
Disposal of old appliances
As and when you cease to use your dishwasher,
please take it to a recycling centre or to your dealer
who will, for a small contribution to the costs, dispose
of it for you.
Economical and Ecological Dishwash-
Only connect the dishwasher to the hot water sup-
ply if your hot water is not electrically heated.
Ensure that the water softener is correctly
Do not pre-rinse dishes under running water.
When you wash a small load, the load sensor cal-
culates the amount of water necessary and short-
ens the programme. It is more economical to
always wash with a full load.
Select the wash programme to suit the nature and
degree of the soiling on the dishes.
Do not use more detergent, special salt or rinse
aid than is recommended in these operating
instructions and by the manufacturer of the
respective product.

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