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Load Sensing; Switching Off The Dishwasher - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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2. Release the cycle button.
The newly selected dishwashing cycle will start
automatically following a countdown of the hours

Load Sensing

If a wash programme is started even though there are
only a few dishes in the upper and/or lower rack, an
intelligent electronic system adjusts the amount of
water and the duration of the wash programme to the
number of dishes. By this means it is possible to
wash only a few dishes quickly and economically. At
half load (6 place settings), up to 2 litres of water and
0.2 kWh of electricity are saved.

Switching Off the Dishwasher

Only switch the dishwasher off when the multi-display
indicates "0" remaining programme time.
1. Press the ON/OFF button
indicator extinguishes.
Hot steam may escape from the appliance
when opening the door immediately after the
end of the programme. Therefore:
2. Open the door carefully.
Emptying the Dishwasher
Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks. The dishes
should therefore be allowed to cool down before
removing them from the appliance.
Leave the dishes in the dishwasher for approx.
15 minutes after the end of the programme so that
they dry better and can cool down.
First empty the lower rack, and then the upper
rack. By using this procedure you will avoid any
water that may be remaining in the upper rack,
dripping onto the dishes in the lower rack and
leaving water marks.
. The ON/OFF but-

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