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Safety Instructions - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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Safety Instructions

The safety aspects of HUSQVARNA electrical appli-
ances comply with accepted technical standards and
the German Appliance Safety Law. Nevertheless, as
a manufacturer we consider it our obligation to make
you aware of the following safety information:
Installation, Connection and Plac-
ing into Operation
The dishwasher may only be transported upright.
Check the dishwasher for transport damage. Do
not in any circumstances connect an appliance
that is damaged. In the case of damage, please
contact your supplier.
Prior to placing the appliance in operation, ensure
that the nominal voltage and type of supply on the
rating plate match that of the supply where the
appliance is to be installed. The fuse rating is also
to be found on the rating plate.
For information on how to correctly install and
connect up your dishwasher, please read the
"Installation" section. Multiway plugs / connectors
and extension cables must not be used. This
could constitute a safety hazard.
Child Safety
Children often do not recognise the hazards asso-
ciated with the use of electrical appliances. It is
therefore important that you ensure children are
adequately supervised and that you do not allow
children to play with the dishwasher – there is a
risk that children can shut themselves inside the
appliance (risk of suffocation!).
Packaging materials (e.g. films, styrofoam) can be
dangerous for children. Risk of suffocation! Keep
packaging away from children.
Detergents can cause burns to the eyes, mouth,
and throat, or even cause choking! Please
observe the manufacturer's safety instructions for
cleaners and detergents.
The water in your dishwasher is not suitable for
drinking. If there are still remnants of detergent in
the appliance, there is a risk of burns!
When disposing of the dishwasher: unplug from
the mains, cut off and dispose of the mains cable.
Break the door lock so that the door no longer
General Safety
Repairs to the dishwasher are only to be carried
out by qualified service engineers. Improper
repairs can give rise to significant hazards for the
user. If your appliance needs repairing, please
contact customer service or your dealer.
Never place the dishwasher in operation if the
mains cable, water inlet or drain hose is damaged;
or the control panel, work top or plinth area is
damaged such that the inside of the appliance is
freely accessible.
If the mains lead is damaged, or is to be replaced
for a longer lead, the cable (obtainable from HUS-
QVARNA customer service) must be changed by
a service engineer authorised by HUSQVARNA.
Never unplug the appliance by pulling on the
cable, always pull the plug.
Additions or modifications to the dishwasher are
not permitted for safety reasons.
Ensure that the door of the dishwasher is always
closed when it is not being loaded or unloaded. In
this way you will avoid anybody tripping over the
open door and hurting themselves.
Sharp knives and items of cutlery with sharp
edges must be placed in the cutlery tray or in the
upper rack.
Correct Use
Only wash household dishes using the dish-
washer. If the appliance is used for other pur-
poses, or is used incorrectly, the manufacturer
cannot accept any liability for any damage
Prior to use, ensure that the manufacturers of the
special salt, detergent, and rinse aid employed
specifically permit the usage of their products in
household dishwashers.
Do not put any solvents in the dishwasher. There
is a risk of an explosion!
The anti-flood system provides dependable pro-
tection against damage due to leaks. For this sys-
preconditions must be met:
– The appliance must remain connected to the
mains even when it is switched off.
– The dishwasher must be correctly installed.
– Always shut off the water supply at the tap
when the dishwasher is not to be used for
longer periods, e.g. when you are away on hol-
Do not sit or stand on the open door, the appli-
ance may tip over.
In the event of a fault, first close the tap, then
switch off the appliance and unplug it from the
mains. If the appliance is permanently wired to the
mains: switch off the fuse(s) or unscrew them.

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