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Leak Prevention System; Electrical Connection - Husqvarna CARDINAL 5120 User Instructions

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Leak Prevention System

For protection from damage due to water leaks, the
dishwasher is equipped with a leak prevention sys-
In the event of a fault, the safety valve in the water
inlet hose immediately interrupts the supply of water
to the appliance and the drain pump is activated.
The remaining water in the appliance is automatically
pumped out.
The leak prevention system also works when
the appliance is switched off.

Electrical connection

In compliance with electric company techni-
cal requirements for mains connections,
hard-wired connections to the mains may
only be made by approved electri-cians.
When connecting the appliance, observe the German
VDE regulations and, if applicable, any additional
conditions required by your local electricity supplier.
Following installation, live parts and live insulated wir-
ing must not be accessible using a finger test in
accordance with EN 60335/DIN VDE 0700.
Information on the electrical connection can be found
on the rating plate on the right side of the inner edge
of the dishwasher door. If the appliance has a
change-over switch, the additional instructions on the
change-over diagram in the mains connector box
must be observed.
Prior to connecting ensure that the mains voltage and
current rating at the site of installation match the
nominal voltage and current rating given on the rating
plate. The required fuse protection is also to be found
on the rating plate.
To isolate the dishwasher from the mains, remove the
mains plug.
Important: The plug must still be accessible after the
appliance has been installed.
If the appliance is hard-wired to the mains supply,
then it must be safely iso-lated from the mains within
the electrical installa-tion with an all-pole (N,L1) iso-
lator (eg. protective cut-out) with a contact gap of > 3

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