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GE JKP17 Use And Care Manual Page 14

General electric built-in oven use and care guide.
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How to Set Delay Start and Automatic Stop Convection Bake
Quick Reminder
1. Press the CONV. BAKE pad.
2. Press the INCREASE or DECREASE pad to
select the oven temperature.
3. Press the COOK TIME pad.
4. Press the INCREASE or DECREASE pad to
set the length of Cooking Time.
5. Press the STOP TIME pad.
6. Press the INCREASE or DECREASE pad until
the desired Stop Time appears in the display.
To avoid possible burns, place the shelves in the
correct position before you program the oven.
You can set the oven control to turn the oven on
automatically, cook for a specific length of time and
turn off automatically.
For example: Let's say it's 2:00 and dinner time is
shortly after 7:00. The recipe suggests 3 hours baking
time at 325"F. Here's how:
pad until "325°" is displayed.
3. Press the COOK TIME pad.
NOTE: If your recipe requires
preheating, you may need to add
additional time to the length of the
Cook Time.
4. Press the INCREASE pad until "3HR:OO" appears
in the display. Cook Time of 3 hours now appears
in the display.
5. Press the STOP TIME pad. "SET
STOP TIME" and the earliest Stop
Time you can set appear in the display.
In this example, "5:00" and "COOK
STOP TIME" appear in the display.
The control automatically sets the Stop Time by
adding the Cook Time to the time of day. In this
example, the time of day is 2:00 and the Cook
Time is 3 hours. Adding 3 hours to the time of day
equals 5:00.
6. Change Stop Time from 5:00 to 7:00
by pressing the INCREASE pad until
BAKE" and "STOP TIME" appear
in the display.
At 4:00,
.--e oven will turn on automatically.
The word "ON" and "100°" will be displayed.
The Cook Time will begin to count down. As the
oven heats up, the display will show the changing
temperatures. The oven will continue to cook for
the programmed 3 hours and shut off automatically
at 7:00.
7. At the end of Timed Convection Bake, the display
will show "OHR:OO COOK TIME" and the oven
will turn off. The end of cycle tone will sound.
the display if necessary. Remove
the food from the oven. Remember,
even though the oven shuts off
automatically, foods continue
cooking after the controls are off.
You will hear a fan while cooking with this feature.
The fan will stop when the door is opened but the
heat will not turn off.
Foods that spoil easily such as milk, eggs, fish,
stuffings, p&dtry and-pork should not h; allowed
to sit for more than 1 hour before or after cooking.
Room temperature promotes the growth of harmful
bacteria. Be sure that the oven light is off because
heat from the bulb will speed harmful bacteria growth.


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