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GE JKP18 Owner's Manual

Electric convection built-in oven.
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Safety Instructions
and Timer
Sabbath Feature
and Roasting
1,9,, 18, 19
the Oven
Pan and Grid
. .........
I Jgh t Bulb
Oven Floor
. ...............
Smel Surfaces
99, 93
Tips .....
Back Co_er
33, 34
Write the modeland serial
Model #
Serial #
You can find thenI
oil a label
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of tile oven
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   Summary of Contents for GE JKP18

  • Page 1 Safety Instructions ..© Operating Instructions jIKl'18 Clock and Timer .... Proofing ....jIKl'55 Sabbath Feature,56 Thermostat ....Timed Baking and Roasting ..1,9,, 18, 19 Using the Oven ... 6-93 Care Cleaning Broiler Pan and Grid ..

  • Page 2

    READALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! For your safe_ the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life. IMPORTANT SAFETY N OTICE The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act requires the Governor of Cafifomia to publish a list of substances known to the state to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances.

  • Page 3 SAFETY P RECAUTIONS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or Use this appliance only for its intended i)m])ose as described ill this Owner's hang on the door They could damag_ Manual.

  • Page 4

    READALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! SAFETY P RECAUTIONS Do not store flammable materials Nexer lemejars or cans of fat drippings or near an oxen. Your oven. CAUT/Om: Items ofi.terestto Do not store or use combustible mamfials, gasoline or other flammable vapors and children should...

  • Page 5 COOK MEAT ANDPOULTRY THOROUGHLY... Cookmeat and poultry thoroughly--meat to at least an INTERNAL temperatureof 160°Eand poultry to at least an INTERNAL temperatureof 180°ECookingto these temperaturesusuallyprotects agabst foodbomeillness. SELF-CLEANING OVEN Do not clean the door gasket. The door Before self-cleaning die oxen, remoxe gasket is essential tbr a g_od seal.

  • Page 6

    Usingthe oven controls. Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. Double oven control shown. OvenControl,Clockand TimerFeatures and Settings SELF CLEAN Pad BAKE Pad Press this pad to select the bake flmcfion. Press this pad to select the self_'leaning flmction.

  • Page 7

    Special features of your oven control, Yournew touch pad control has additional features that you may choose to use. The following are the features and how you may activate them. The special feature modes can only be activated while the display is showing the time of day. They remain in the control's memory until the steps are repeated.

  • Page 8

    Special features of your oven control Tonesat the End of a Timed Cycle At the end of a t/knedcycle,3 short beeps will Press tile KITCHEN TIMER ON/OFF sound followed by one beep every 6 seconds until pad. Tile display shows CON BEEP the CLEAR/OFFpad is pressed Thiscontinuous (continuous beep).

  • Page 9

    99 minmes. When cooking is finished, the dislllay will The cooking time thai "_ou entered will ( hm/ge ti'c)m D c to D mid 0:QOwill al/l/ea c be dist)hryed. OFFbut is indicating that the oven has turned still set in Sal/bad/.

  • Page 10

    Usingthe oven. To avoid possible bums, place the shelves in the desired position before you turn the oven on. ¸ Before you begin... The shelves have stop-lock% so that when To remove a sheff, pull it toward you, placed correctly on the supports, they will tilt the ti'ont end up and pull it out.

  • Page 11 How to Set the Oven for Broiling BROIL HI/LO Place the meat or fish on the broiler Press once fi)r HIBroil grid in the broiler pan. To change, to LOBroil, press the Follow suggested shelf positions in the Broiling Guide. BROIL HI/LOpad again.

  • Page 12

    Usingthe clock and timer. ToSet the Clock clock must be set to the correct time Press tile CLOCK pad. iili i i ii i i ! i of da)fin" automatic oven timing Press tile number pads. tractions to work i)roperly. Tile time i iii...

  • Page 13

    Usingthe timed baking and masting features, On double oven models, you can use timed baking in one oven while using self-clean in the other; you can also use timed baking in both ovens at the same time. NOTE: Foods that spoil easily-such as milk, eggs, fish, stuffings, poultry and pork-should not be allowed to s# for more than 1hour before or after cooking.

  • Page 14

    Usingthe probe. For many foods, especially roasts and poultry, internal food temperature is the best test for doneness. The temperature probe takes the guesswork out of roasting by cooking foods to the exact doneness you want. NOTE."Double ovenmodels havea probe/b the _,<E'_ Cable upper ovenonly...

  • Page 15

    Usingthe convectionoven. The convection oven fan shuts off when the oven door is opened. DO NOT leave the door open for long periods of time while using convection cooking or you may shorten the fife of the convection heating element. To help undel_tand diflel'ence...

  • Page 16

    Usingthe convectionoven. Cookware for Convection Cooking Metal and Glass Bed)re using your convection oven, check to see if your cookware leaves A W type ot cookware will work in your room for air drculation in tile ()veil. Howe\'eI; convection oven, Illetal pans If you are baking...

  • Page 17 How to Set the Oven for Convection Roasting when Using the Probe display will flash PROBE and the _Aq_en the internal temperatm'e meat reaches nmnber probe oven control will signal if the and you inserted into outlet, have have set, the probe oven...

  • Page 18

    Usingthe timed features for convectionbaking. On double oven models, you can use timed baking in one oven while using self-clean in the other; you can also use timed baking in both ovens at the same time. Youwill hear a fan while cooking with this feature. The fan will stop when the door is opened but the heat will not turn off.

  • Page 19 How to Set a Delayed Start and Automatic Stop You canset theovencontroltodelay-start t he Press the STARTpad. oven, c ookfora specificlengthof timeandthen turnoff automatica//y NOTE" An attentiontonewill soundif youare usingtimedbakinganddonotpresstheSTART Make sure clock shows correct padafterenteringthebakingtemperature. time of day. _]_en the oven rams...

  • Page 20

    Usingthe proofing feature. Theproofing feature maintains a warrrz environment useful for rising yeast4eavened products. How to Set the Oven For Proofing Place d_e covered dough im_ a dish im_ \'_l_em_ proofim_g is fim_isbed,press the ()vem_(_ shelf B or C. the CLEAR/OFF pad. NOTE:Forbestresu/l_, c overthedo®h w/?b a :, ToavoidNwenbgtheoventemperature clothor withgreased plasticwrap(theplastic...

  • Page 21

    Adjust the oven thermostat--Do it yourself! Youmay find that your new oven cooks differently than the one it replaced. Use your new oven for a few weeks to become more familiar with it. If you still think your new oven is too hot or too cold, you can adjust the thermostat yourself.

  • Page 22

    Usingthe self-cleaning oven. The oven door must be closed and aft controls must be set correctly for the cycle to work properly. Before a Clean Cycle IMPORTANT'. Theovenmust be cool in order to set the self- Tile health of some birds dean cycle.

  • Page 23 The oven door must be closed and all controls must be set correctly for the cycle to work properly. How to Delay the Start of Cleaning Tile door locks automatically. Tile display Press tile SELFCLEAN pad. will show the start time. It will not be (Z)(Z)(Z)(Z)CD Using tile nmnber pads, enter...

  • Page 24

    Careand cleaning of the oven. Be sure electrical power is off and all surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of the oven. Lift-Off Oven Door (on some models) oven door is remox;d)le tot easier Do not p/ace hands between the hinge and the oven door frame.

  • Page 25 RemovableOvenFloor To remove the oven floor: X'_q/eI1re-installing tile oxen floor be sure to slide it all the way to the back Reino_e tile o_en door using tile of tile oxen. instructions in the Lift-Off Oven Door section of this nlanual. IMPORTANT'.

  • Page 26

    Careand cleaning of the oven. Probe :, Donot lYnmerse thetemperature p robe The temperature probe may be cleaned in water with soap and water or a soap-filled scouring pad. Cool the temperature :_ Donot store the temperatureprobe in probe betore cleaning.

  • Page 27 Oven Light Bulbs (on some models) NOTE." The glass cover (on some models) should be removed only when cold. Wearing latex gloves may offer a better grip. CAUTION. Before replacing your Receptacle oven light bulb, disconnect the electrical power to the oven at the main fuse or circuit breaker panel Be sure to let tile light coxer and bull) usegl0ves...

  • Page 28

    Careand cleaning of the oven. Stainless Steel Surfaces (onsomemodels) Do not use a steel-wool pad; it will Apply cleaner with a damp sponge. scratch the surface. Use a clean, hot, damp cloth remove cleaner. Dry with a dry, clean To clean stainless steel surtaces, use a...

  • Page 29


  • Page 30

    Before YouCall ForService... Troubleshooting tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Possible Causes What To Do Control signals after BAKE pad forgot to enter a bake * Press desired teInperature...

  • Page 31 iii, Possible Causes What To Do Oven temperature too Oven thermostat * See the Adjust the oven thermostat--Do it yourself! hot or too cold needs adjustment, sectiou. Oven will not work A fuse ill your home may * Replace tile tUse or reset tile circuit breaker: be blown or the circuit breaker tripped.

  • Page 32

    Before YouCall ForService... Troubleshooting -tips What To Do Possible Causes "F-- and a number You have a function • Press the CLEAR/OFF pad. _Mlow the (,``,eta to cool fi.r or letter" flash error code. one houri Put the (,``eta 1)ack into operation. in the display If the fm_ction code...

  • Page 33

    GE Service Protection Plus r_' GE, a I_ame IecogI]ized _;oddwkle fo_ qtmlhy a_d depeIldabi]hy, offers SelMce PFotecfio_ plotecfioI_ o[] aH yore" appliai_ces-- Pb_s"_--comp_'ehe_]si_e No Matter What Brand! We'll Cover Benefits Include: Any Appliance. o Backed by GE Anywhere. Anytime. o All brands...

  • Page 34

    CHII colltact VOll you require service. the tmlikely event selwice number sati,17, modification. 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737). Model Number Serial Number , , , , , , I I , , , , , Important: did not get a registration card with your...

  • Page 35

    Proof of the original purchase on-line, 24 hours a day, vis# us at, date is needed to obtain service or carl 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737). under the warrant_ GE Will Replace: Anypart of the o_en which tifils due to a defect in matelJals...

  • Page 36

    ScheduleService Expert (;E repair se_ice is onl_ one step away ti'om your door. Get on-line and schedule your se_i('e your conxenience 24 hom_ am (lm of the _ear! Or call 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737) during n(mnal business hom_. RealLife DesignStudio

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