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Installation - GE Silent Alert 45137 User Manual

Silent alert wireless alarm system
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three seconds.
Step 4 - Release all buttons.
The Control Center will sound two beeps
and flash the green power indicator, this
indicates a test signal was sent to the Silent
Alert. When the Silent Alert receives the test
Signal, the LED indicator will stop flashing,
indicating it has been linked with your
Control Center. Reattach the Silent Alert to
the base.
Anytime the alarm is triggered (in Armed HOME or
AWAY), and the siren sounds, the Control Center will
send a signal to the Silent Alert to begin alternately
flashing its LED indicators. The Silent Alert will continue
to flash the LED indicators until the Control Center
sends a disarm signal.
Note: Even if the Control Center is disconnected from power
or destroyed, the Silent Alert will continue to flash LED


You will need to determine if the surface to mount the
Silent Alert is smooth or rough/porous. If smooth you
can use the included double sided tape. When using
doublesided tape apply to clean dry surface. Remove
one side of the tape and attach it to the back side of
the Silent Alert. Once the mounting surface is ready,
remove the other side of the double side tape and
press into position.
Input DC 12V



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