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Important Safeguards; Introduction - GE Silent Alert 45137 User Manual

Silent alert wireless alarm system
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Important safeguards

1. Do not attempt to disassemble the Silent Alert,
unless described in the user's manual. There are no
user serviceable parts.
. Handle with Care – Avoid striking or shaking.
Improper use or storage could damage the Silent
Alert. Modifying or tampering the device or its internal
components can cause a malfunction and void the
Silent Alert's warranty.
. If you feel the Silent Alert or any part of the Choice
Alert system is not operating correctly or as described,
please contact Customer Service for assistance


The Silent Alert is an excellent addition the Choice
Alert Alarm system. It can provide an extra level of
awareness for alarm activity as well as keep you and
your family informed about the status of the wireless
alarm. There is no limit to the number of Silent Alerts
that can be added to the system. Suggested discrete
places to position the Silent Alert may be above the
Garage door, above the interior garage door leading
into the house, over or along side a window, under
the eve of a roof line... generally any area that is easy
to notice but secluded enough so only you and your
family know where to look.



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