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GE Silent Alert 45137 User Manual page 8

Silent alert wireless alarm system
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If the mounting surface is rough or porous, you will need
to use the rubber gromments and screws (included).
Secure the plate to the desired location with the screws.
Smooth surface
Test the Silent Alert
Step 1 - After the Silent Alert has been successfully
linked with the Control Center, press and hold the
Mute button on the Control Center for three
seconds. This action sends a test signal.
Step 2 - When the Silent Alert receives the test
signal from the Control Center, one LED indicator on
the Silent Alert will begin to flash once a second. It
will continue to flash for 30 seconds.
Erasing the Silent Alert from the system
Step 1 - Remove the batteries from the Silent Alert.
Step 2 - With the batteries removed, press and hold
the Learn button.
Porus uneven surface



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