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Testing The Silent Alert Or Your System - GE Silent Alert 45137 User Manual

Silent alert wireless alarm system
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been triggered.
You can add any number of Silent Alert LED indicators
to the Choice Alert System. To add a Silent Alert to the
system, you will need to link it with the Control Center.
Adding a Silent Alert™
In order to link the Silent Alert to the Crontrol Center,
you will need to have the Silent Alert and Control
Center near each other.
Step 1 - Open the Silent Alert by gently inserting a
small blade screwdriver into the tab slot on one end
and gently pry upwards. This action releases the
cover from the base. This procedure can be easily
completed once the Silent Alert is mounted as well.
Install two (2) new "AA" batteries according to the
polarity markings in the battery compartment.
Step 2 - Press and hold the Learn button inside the
Silent Alert. One of the LED indicators on the front of
the Silent Alert will begin to flash.
Step 3 - While continuing to press the Learn button
in the Silent Alert, press and hold the Mute button
on the side of the Control Center for
Learn button



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