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Important Safeguards - GE 45129 User Manual

Wireless alarm system control center
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Table of Contents
Before connecting or operating the Control Center,
please read these instructions carefully and save this
manual for future reference.
The GE Choice Alert
Wireless Alarm System is one
of the most affordable and expandable wireless
alarm systems available. You'll discover that the system
offers many features typically found in custom installed
Alarm systems.
The Choice Alert system is reliable and easy-to-
use. With Choice Alert you can select from a line of
Sensors and Accessories; start small and expand
as you need, or create a system that meets all your
needs. The Choice Alert System is protected by Priority
Code Selection technology which provides increased
security and trouble-free wireless connections. It also
guarantees the Control Center will only respond to
signals from your Sensors in and around your home,
and prevents anyone from tampering with your system.
The user manual explains in simple steps how
to install, use and care for your new Choice Alert
Control Center.
If you have any questions or would like
additional information please visit our web site, or contact our
Customer Service Group at 1-800-654-8483.

Important safeguards

. Cleaning – Unplug adapter and remove batteries
before cleaning. Do not use strong or abrasive cleaners.
Use a dry cloth to clean the surface of the Control
Center. In case the dirt is hard to remove, use a damp
(not wet) cloth for cleaning.
. Water and Moisture – Do not use any component
of this system in an exposed outdoor area except those
specifically designed for that purpose (such as the Door/
Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Silent Alert LED indicator,
Water Leak Sensor). Do not operate this system in the
presence of explosive or flammable fumes.
. Do not attempt to disassemble the Control Center, or
any of the Sensors or Accessories unless described in
the user's manuals. There are no user serviceable parts.
. Handle with Care – Avoid striking or shaking.
Improper use or storage could damage the Control
Center. Modifying or tampering with the device or its
internal components can cause a malfunction and void
the Control Center's warranty.
. If you feel the Control Center or any part of the
Choice Alert system is not operating correctly or
as described, please contact Customer Service for
assistance (-800-654-848).
Before you begin to install your Choice Alert System,
you will need to plan your security needs. Consider all
the doors and windows that are likely to be used as
points of entry by an intruder, such as those poorly
lit or an entrance or window that cannot be easily
seen from the street. You may want to know if the back
gate is open, whether the garage door is still up or if
the storage shed in the backyard is secure. Perhaps

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Table of Contents

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