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GE 45129 User Manual page 17

Wireless alarm system control center
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Q. If one Sensor has a low battery, will the other
Sensors in the Zone (or other Zones) continue
to operate?
A. Yes, as long as the other Sensors have sufficient
battery power, they will continue to transmit
information to the Control Center and the system will
operate normally.
Q. I programmed all my Sensors to a Zone but only 4
work. Why?
A. This system is designed to hold 4 Sensors per Zone.
If you add more than 4 then the first Sensor added will
be deleted to make room for the new Sensor. If you
have more than 4 Sensors you will need to use multiple
Q. I switched the Control Center to off but the lights are
still on. Why?
A. More than likely you are changing the position of
the Zone Notification switch to the 'off' position. When
you set this switch to off position, this turns the chime
and alert notification sounds off; It does not "turn" the
Control Center off. The Control Center does not have an
off switch; to disable the Control Center you will need to
unplug the adaptor and remove the batteries.
Q. When I arm the system my motion Sensor doesn't
trigger the alarm. Why?
A. The motion Sensor is designed to work in the AWAY
mode but not the HOME mode. This allows you to have
the system armed and still be able to move about the
Q. The manual states there is a 48 hour back-up. Do
I have to reprogram the Zones if it has been without
power longer than 48 hours?
A. No, The Control Center will store the Zone and
Security Code Settings indefinitely.
Q. One of my Sensors was damaged and the Control
Center keeps flashing how to I stop this?
A. First, unplug the adaptor and remove the batteries
for 5 seconds. Then, replace the batteries and plug-in
the adaptor. Next, You will need to clear the Zone (see
pg. 11) and re-assign all of the Sensors to the Zone,
including the replacement Sensor.
Q. I have my garage door Sensor in Zone 4. If I
want to leave the door open how do I stop the
continuous beeping?
A. Press the Mute button on the Control Center. This
will temporarily mute the beeping sound for all Sensors
in Zone 4. The Zone 4 LED will continue to flash until
the door is closed/Sensor is reset. Once the Sensor
is reset beeping will start again when Sensor/door is
Q. The Silent Alert is flashing how do I make it stop?
A. On the Control Center, arm the system in HOME
mode and then disarm the system. This will send
a reset signal to the Silent Alert which will stop the

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