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GE 45130 User Manual

GE 45130 User Manual

Garage door sensor
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  • Page 1 Wireless Alarm System Garage Door Sensor User’s Manual Choice Choice ALERT ALERT ™ ™ Control all Sensors & accessories from one location 45130...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Important Safeguards Introduction Installation Assigning a Sensor to a Zone Erasing a Sensor from a Zone Testing a Sensor or your system Low battery indicator Battery warnings F.A.Q.'S FCC Warning Table of Contents 9-10 1-1...
  • Page 3 Before connecting or operating the Garage Door Sensor, please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future reference. Congratulations The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System is one ™ of the most affordable and expandable wireless alarm systems available. You’ll discover that the system offers many features typically found in custom installed Alarm systems.
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    Important safeguards PreCautions 1. Do not attempt to disassemble the Garage Door Sensor, unless described in the user’s manual. There are no user serviceable parts. . Handle with Care – Avoid striking or shaking. Improper use or storage could damage the Garage Door Sensor.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    The Garage Door Sensor is designed to be used specifically with vertical opening garage or shed doors. When mounted properly it monitors when the door is open or closed. If the door is opened, the Garage Door Sensor will transmit a signal to the Control Center. The settings on the Control Center determine if an alarm, alert or chime sounds.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Preparing the Garage Door Sensor for Installation The Garage Door Sensor is a self-contained Sensor. Before installing open the battery door and, remove the yellow battery isolation tape from the Garage Door Sensor. This activates the Lithium battery inside the Garage Door Sensor. The approximate battery life is up to two years.
  • Page 7: Assigning A Sensor To A Zone

    bottom edge of the Garage Door Sensor even with the door edge. In most applications you can use double sided tape (included). It is strongly suggested to mount Garage Door Sensor lightly to ensure operation. Once you are confident with the mounting position apply pressure to secure to surface.
  • Page 8: Erasing A Sensor From A Zone

    Step 1 – Press and hold the Learn button on the Control Center for three seconds. When the Control Center sounds a long beep, release the Learn button. Step 2 – Press the Zone button (1, 2, 3 or 4) for the Zone you want to assign to the Garage Door Sensor.
  • Page 9: Testing A Sensor Or Your System

    beep once. Step 2 - While holding the Learn button, press and hold the Zone button to be erased. After five seconds the Control Center will sound two beeps and the Zone LED indicator will flash twice. Step 3 - Release all buttons. The Zone has been erased.
  • Page 10: Low Battery Indicator

    sensor has triggered and transmitted to the main unit. Step 4 - When testing is complete, unplug the AC adapter, then plug the AC adapter back in and reinstall batteries. This returns the Control Center to standard operation mode. Note: The Control Center will automatically return to standard operation mode after 5 hours.
  • Page 11: Battery Warnings

    Sensors at a greater distance. The Lithium cell battery in the Garage Door Sensor can last up to two years. Model # Description 45129 Control Center 45130 Garage Sensor *maximum potential life based upon usage and location WARNING! Risk of personal injury - Prolonged exposure to alarm...
  • Page 12: F.a.q.'s 1

    Garage Door Sensor F.A.Q.’S Q. I bought a new Sensor and the Control Center will not recognize it. Why? A. First, make sure that the yellow battery isolation tape has been removed and that the battery is new. Second, ensure the battery is inserted into the Sensor according to polarity(+/-) markings.
  • Page 13 Q. Why does one of my Zones continually flash? A. This can be caused by 1 of 2 conditions. First condition, if it is a rapid flash it means a Sensor in the Zone has a low battery. If more than one Sensor is in a Zone, you will need to test each Sensor by putting the unit into test mode (see pg.
  • Page 14: Fcc Warning

    Any unauthorized changes or modifications to the equipment would void the user’s warranty and may conflict with both state and federal laws. The Choice Alert system complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions: 1) The Choice Alert system may not cause harmful interference.
  • Page 15 The product, if used properly, may reduce the risk of burglary, robbery, or other adverse events. However, JASCO is not an insurer, this product is neither insurance nor a guarantee that such an event will be prevented, and users should protect themselves with proper insurance.
  • Page 16 General Electric Company and is used under license to Jasco Products Company LLC, 10 E. Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73114. This Jasco product comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Visit 45130-1 for details. 01/09/08...

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