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GE 45129 User Manual page 15

Wireless alarm system control center
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Step 2 - When the Control Center receives the
Signal Repeater's test signal, it will flash the green
power indicator. This means a confirmation signal
was sent back to the Signal Repeater. Release
all buttons.
Step 3 - When the Signal Repeater receives the
confirmation signal, the LED indicator will flash,
five times. If the Signal Repeater does not receive
the confirmation signal from the Control
Center, the LED indicator on the Signal Repeater will
not flash. You will need to move the Signal Repeater
closer to the Control Center and retest.
Step 4 - To Ensure the Signal Repeater can receive
the signal from the Sensor, activate the Sensor. The
Signal Repeater's LED indicator should flash rapidly,
and the Control Center should respond to the
Sensor's signal.
This process will help you locate the Signal Repeater
to the best (farthest) position from the Control Center
in order to extend the range of the Sensor.

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Table of Contents

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