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Yamaha RCX series User Manual: Troubleshooting

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2-13 Troubleshooting

When problems occur, then troubleshoot as needed by using the following information as a guide. Be
sure to always also refer to sections on "Troubleshooting" in the controller user's manual as well as
the instruction manual for the other party's equipment such as PCs or HUB peripheral devices. If
taking the troubleshooting steps listed there does not eliminate the problem, then quickly contact
your local YAMAHA sales dealer.
Probable causes
Cannot make TELNET
connection. (Using
"ping" only results in a
1) Ethernet cable
defects, poor
connection, or
wrong specs.
2) Defective HUB or
wrong settings
3) Router is defective
or wrong settings
4) Network adapter
used by the client is
defective or the
settings on the
client side are
5) Network traffic
data load) is too
6) Ethernet cable is too
close to a noise
source such as
motor cables.
• Disconnect the controller
• If timeouts still occur when connected this
from the network and connect
way (using PC instead of controller), then
the PC instead. (Use a PC
the problem is on the client side or in the
capable of a good connection
HUB peripheral device. (Check probable
with the network. Make the
causes 1 through 6.)
same IP address, subnet mask
and gateway settings as used
• If a replay comes back normally, then the
on the controller.)
problem is in the controller, so check
Now try running "ping" from
probable causes 7 through 8.
the client while setup as
above, and check for a
• Check if securely attached to
• Insert in firmly until a click noise is heard.
the modular connector.
• Check for a disconnection (or
• Correct the wiring if a miswire is found.
break) in the cable or a
Replace the cable if a break in the wiring
is found.
• Check if the straight-through
• Use a straight-through cable between the
cable or crossover cable are
HUB and controller. Use a crossover cable
being used for the wrong
if connecting directly to the other party's
• Try replacing the cables.
• If operation returns to normal, then the
problem is in the cables. Replace the
• Try changing to another port.
• If operation returns to normal then the port
is defective, so do not use that port.
• Check if the communication
• When setting the HUB communication
mode is manually set to other
mode manually, then set it to
than 10Mbps/Half Duplex.
10Mbps/Half Duplex.
• Try another HUB
• If operation returns to normal then the
HUB is defective, so replace the HUB.
• Check the router settings.
• Redo the router settings.
• Try substituting with another
• If operation returns to normal then the
router is defective so replace the router.
• Check the network settings on
• Redo the network settings on the client
the client side.
• Try substituting with another
• If operation returns to normal then the
network adapter on the client
network adapter is defective so replace the
• Check if the traffic load is
• Change the network structure to get a
smaller traffic load.
• Check how and where the
• Separate the Ethernet cable from potential
Ethernet cables are installed.
noise sources.
2-13 Troubleshooting


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