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Yamaha RCX series User Manual: Telenet Communication Commands; Communication Command Specifications

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TELENET communication commands

2-9-1 Communication command specifications

TELNET communication commands are broadly classified into two types.
One type is commands that instruct the Ethernet unit to process the command task. The other type is
robot control commands to access the robot controller and perform sophisticated processing. These
robot control commands are further subdivided into the following 5 categories.
• Ethernet unit control commands
• Robot control commands
1. Key operation
2. Utilities
3. Data handling
4. Robot language
5. Control codes
Communication command format for robot control commands except control codes is as follows.
@ [ ] <online command> [<_command option>] <termination code>
Items in brackets [ ] can be omitted.
@ .............. start code (=40h)
_ ................ blank
<online command> ............. Refer to programming manual.
<_command option> .......... Refer to programming manual.
<termination code> ............ CR (=0Dh) code, or CRLF (=0Dh + 0Ah) code
■ Robot control commands begin with the start code '@' (=40h) and run when a statement with
the last line ending with the termination code, CR (=0Dh) code or CRLF (=0Dh + 0Ah) code,
is sent to the controller. As exceptions, control codes do not require a start code and termination
Ethernet unit control commands do not require a start code, but the last line must end with a
termination code.
Ethernet unit control commands
Other than control codes
Robot control commands
Control codes
■ One line must be within 80 characters except for the terminal code (CR (=0Dh) code or CRLF
(=0Dh + 0Ah) code).
■ A communication command is basically composed of an <online command> and an <_command
option>. Depending on the command statement, no <_command option> is used or multiple
<_command options> are used.
■ The character codes used are the JIS8 unit system codes (ASCII codes with katakana characters
added). See the controller user's manual for the character code tables.
■ One or more space must be inserted between <online command> and <_command option>.
■ Items in <_command option> should be specified by the user. Check the description of each
communication command and enter the appropriate data.
2-9 TELENET communication commands
Start code
Termination code
'@' (=40h)
CR (=0Dh) code
CRLF (=0Dh + 0Ah) code
Not required
Not required
Not required


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