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Yamaha RCX series User Manual: Telnet Dedicated Parameters; Parameter Description

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TELNET dedicated parameters

To ensure reliable TELNET communications that match customer system settings, the Ethernet unit
for RCX series can be used with TELNET dedicated parameters explained in this section.

2-8-1 Parameter description

To use TELNET communications, the following parameters should be set as needed.
Each parameter can be set in "SYSTEM > PARAM > OP. BRD" mode. See "2-8-2 Setting the
parameters" for how to set the parameters.
■ TCP port No.
Use this parameter to set the TCP port No. of the robot controller.
The port No. set here is specified along with the IP address when the client connects to the robot
Programming box display
5. port No
Input range
0 to 65535
Default value
23 (TELNET port)
* If any value other than the TELNET port (23) is specified, then negotiation with the TELNET
protocol is not attempted. (Switches to ordinary socket communication.)
* Using a port No. other than the well-known ports (0 to 1023) is advised when changing the
* After changing the setting, restart the controller to enable the change.
■ Echoback
Use this parameter to select whether or not to send back (echoback) to the client, the same characters
that the client sent to the robot controller.
Programming box display
6. echoback
Input range
Default value
■ Communication timeout
The TELNET connection can be disconnected if data is not sent or received from the client or
robot controller within a certain amount of time.
Use this parameter to set the amount of that time (minutes). Setting to "0" (zero) voids the timeout
check and there is no timeout to disconnect the TELNET connection.
Programming box display
7. timeout [min]
Input range
0 to 255 (minutes)
Default value
: Invalid
: Valid
2-8 TELNET dedicated parameters


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