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General; About This Manual; Additional Documentation - Bosch Rexroth VT-VRPD-2 Installation & Operation Manual

Digital valve amplifier for valve types, 4wre 6 & 10, component series 2x
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RE 30126-B/09.13 | Installation and Operation



About this Manual

Additional Documentation

Before installing or operating your VRPD Controller card for the first time, you should
read this Manual. Please note the safety requirements described in section 2.1.
Persons involved with the start-up and operation of the controller card should have
proper training on the installation and operation of this type of equipment.
This manual is intended to inform you about the functions of this controller card and its
intended use.
The Manual contains important safety instructions on proper installation and operation
of the controller card. Observing these instructions will help you:
avoid hazards and dangers
minimize repair costs and downtime
increase the useful life and reliability of the controller card
Additionally, please observe all regulations that are in effect in the country and/or
community to prevent accidents and to protect the environment.
This manual only describes the installation and operation of the controller card. Infor-
mation about starting up the controller card using BODAC software is located in a
separate document: "Operation of the BODAC Software and Starting up the VRPD
Control Card". A list of documentation for the VRPD can be found in the "Additional
Documentation" section.
Additional information to this document "VRPD Digital Control for Electro-mechanical
and Electro-hydraulic Drives is available.
It contains:
RE sheet "RE 30 126" in paper form.
Document " RE 30 126-B " Starting up the VRPD Control Card and Operation of
the BODAC Software ".
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