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About This Document; General Safety Instructions - Bosch Rexroth LTU350/1 Instruction Manual

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3 609 929 B47/2008-12 | LTU350/1

About this document

This manual contains important information
on the safe and appropriate assembly,
transport, commissioning, operation,
maintenance, disassembly, and simple
troubleshooting of the LTU 350/1 servo
Read these instructions completely,
especially chapter "2 General safety
instructions" on page 17, before working
with the LTU350/1 servo amplifier.
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The LTU350/1 servo amplifier is a system
Also observe the instructions for the other
system components.
Also observe the generally applicable, legal
or otherwise binding regulations of European
or national legislation and the rules for the
prevention of accidents and for
environmental protection applicable in your
General safety
The LTU350/1 servo amplifier has been
manufactured according to the accepted
rules of current technology. There is,
however, still a danger of personal injury or
damage to equipment if the following general
safety instructions and the warnings before
the steps contained in these instructions are
not complied with.
• Read these instructions completely and
thoroughly before working with the
LTU350/1 servo amplifier.
• Keep these instructions in a location where
they are accessible to all users at all times.
Bosch Rexroth AG
• Always include the operating instructions
when you pass the LTU350/1 servo
amplifier on to third parties.
Intended use
The LTU350/1 servo amplifier is a
component in terms of the machine directive
98/37/EC and is not a ready-for-use
machine. The product is exclusively intended
for being integrated in a machine or system or
for being assembled with other components
to form a machine or system. The product
may be commissioned only if it is integrated
in the machine/system for which it is
designed and the machine/system fully
complies with the EC machine directive.
Observe the operating conditions and
performance limits specified in the technical
The LTU350/1 servo amplifier is a work
appliance and not designed for private use.
Intended use includes having read and
understood these instructions, especially the
chapter "2 General safety instructions".
The LTU350/1 servo amplifier is intended for
installation in the BT356 card rack or the
SB35x system box.
Improper use
Any use of the LTU350/1 servo amplifier
other than described in chapter "Intended
use" is considered as improper.



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