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Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual page 25

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Fig. 5-2
The Upper Rack Rails are made
of stainless steel with a plastic
end cap.
Fig. 5-5
The Door Gasket is press fit into a channel
molded around the Tank.
Note: Two inches of overlap are left at each end
of the Gasket to insure a proper seal.
Service tip:
To test for a bad Door Gasket, open the dishwasher door and insert a dollar bill, then
close the door and pull the bill out. If the bill is snug the Gasket is good, if the bill slides
out easily the Door Gasket may need to be replaced.
Fig. 5-3
To remove the Rail, disengage
the End Cap by applying
outward pressure to the Cap's
top tab, unclipping it from the
Rail. Then slide the Rail out from
the Guide Rollers.
Fig. 5-6
To remove the Gasket, simply pull it away from the
Tank Channel.
To replace, press the ribbed end firmly into the
channel until secure. No sealant or glue is required.
Interior Features
Fig. 5-4
The Upper Rack Guide Rollers
are permanently attached to the
Tank and cannot be removed or

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