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Tank Removal - Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual

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Tank Removal

Fig. 15-1
In order to gain full access to the Circulation
Pump / Motor, Heater Assembly and Aqua
Sensor the Tank must be removed.
To remove the Tank, start by removing the Outer
Door, Left and Right Side Panels, and Toe Kick,
leaving the unit as shown in Fig. 15-1.
Next, disconnect the Upper Wiring Harness from
the Control Unit and On/Off Switch, and then
bring the harness off its mounting point on the
Condensation Tube, Fig. 15-2.
Now from inside the dishwasher remove the
Lower Spray Arm, Filter Basket and Screen, then
remove the two screws that attach the Feeder
Tube to the Sump, item 1. And the two Sump
Clamps, item 2.
Fig. 15-2
Fig. 15-3

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