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Dispenser Operation - Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual

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Dispenser Operation

Fig. 8-1
The Dispenser Assembly operates via a PTC
Actuator (wax motor), item 1.
When voltage is applied to the Actuator it
advances a Combination Lever, item 2.
The Combination Lever allows the Soap Door to open,
and later in the cycle dispenses the Rinse Agent.
To remove the Actuator, first disconnect the
Wiring Connector. Then, using a small
screwdriver, release the locking tab....
Fig. 8-3
When the Dispenser requires Rinse Agent a Magnetic Float, Fig. 8-3, item 1, will lower and draw the
contacts of a Reed Switch, Fig. 8-3, item 2, together. This completes the circuit, and activates the Refill
Rinse Agent LED located on the Facia Panel.
To remove the Reed Switch, first disconnect the Wiring Connector. Now, using a small screwdriver
push in on the Reed Switch Mounting Tab, Fig. 8-3.
As you push in on the mounting tab, use a needle-nose pliers to bring the switch down and out from the
Dispenser, Fig. 8-4.
Fig. 8-2
...and bring the Actuator out from the Dispenser.
Please note: The Combination Lever cannot be
replaced individually, but only as
part of a new Dispenser Assembly.
Fig. 8-4

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