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Washability / Drying - Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual

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There are four factors that play a critical role in Washability: Time, Temperature, Water and Detergent. It
is important when attempting to determine the cause of a Washability complaint that all four factors be
considered and tested.
The duration of the program is accurate (see cycle chart).
Temperature: The wash and rinse temperatures are within the desired range (see cycle chart).
The unit is filling with the correct amount of water (Section 3, Fig.5-7)
The detergent is fresh, and not being used in excessive amounts.
Please note: Other factors such as clean filters, a properly routed drain hose, water hardness and
quality, as well as loading of items will also effect Washability.
As part of an energy saving design Bosch Dishwashers do not activate the Heating Element during the
Drying cycle. Instead, the dishwasher utilizes a rinse temperature of up to 161° Fahrenheit, and the
addition of Rinse Agent to achieve a quality drying result.
During the rinse cycle water is heated to 161° Fahrenheit, this heat is transferred to the items in
the dishwasher where it is absorb and stored.
During the drying portion of the cycle all dishwasher items will then radiate the stored heat, thus
evaporating any water that has collected on the items surface, burning it off and converting the
liquid into steam.
This process of "flash drying" is assisted by the release of Rinse Agent into the rinse water. Rinse
Agent is a water softener that inhibits water from collecting or pooling, allowing it to be easily
The remaining steam is vented from the interior through the Steam Vent (Fig. 6-4, item 2) where it
is then collected by, and drained from the Condensation Tube (Section 4, Fig. 7-5, item 2).
Service note: When confronted with a drying complaint, make sure the Rinse Agent Dispenser is full,
and the rinse water temperature is within the desired range. Please remember that the
unit will not dry without Rinse Agent.

Washability / Drying


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