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Rack System - Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual

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Rack System

Rack configurations for individual dishwasher
models will vary. However, all Racks are
constructed from a steel wire grid with a gray
nylon outer covering.
Racks may discolor due to the water
supply or types of food remaining on
the dishes. We recommend that a
vinegar wash be used to assist in
removing these stains.
Start the unit, and let run approximately
ten minutes, then pour in two cups of
white vinegar and let the unit complete
the cycle, repeat if necessary.
Fig. 4-2
On select models the Upper Rack is height
adjustable. To adjust rack height, or to remove the
Rack from the unit.
Fully extend the Rack as shown in Fig. 4-2
Note how the Rack Rollers are designed to ride
on the outside of the Rails for a smoother
Fig. 4-1
Fig. 4-3
With the Rack fully extended. Lift up on the Rack
until the Front Rollers disengage from the Rail.
Now bring the Rack out further and allow the
Rear Wheels to disengage.
Rack Rollers are a press fit making
for easy removal and replacement.

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