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Operation, Shu 5302 / 5304 / 5305 / 5306 / 5312 / 5314 / 5315 / 5316 - Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual

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SHU 5302/5304/5305/5306/5312/5314/5315/5316
Fig. 3-5
The SHU 53** series operates using an electronic Control Unit.
Fig. 3-5.
First depress the On/Off Button until it locks in place.
Fig. 3-6.
Once the On/Off Button is depressed the LED above the previously used cycle will illuminate. To change the cycle, simply press
the desired Cycle Button twice. The LED above that cycle will then illuminate.
The Cycle Countdown will display an approximate run time for the cycle chosen. This run time will depend on incoming water
temperature and the turbidity of the pre-wash water.
It is normal for the Countdown Display to remain at a time increment for more than one minute, or skip a time increment
depending on the calculations of the Control Unit.
Also, with continued use the Control Unit will learn the wash and temperature patterns for the most commonly used
programs and will then reduce the overall start and running times.
At the end of the cycle the display will show a CL, indicating that the cycle is complete.
Press the Scrub Wash and Delicate / Econo Buttons both in at the same time. The unit will then drain and the figure CL will
appear in the display.
The Delay Start feature allows the unit to be delayed for up to nine hours. To program, start the unit as described above, but
after selecting a cycle push the Delay Start button. The display will show a 1h, or one-hour delay. Continue to depress the
Delay Start Button until the desired delay time is reached (up to nine hours, 9h).
The unit will begin automatically once the delay time has elapsed. To reset the delay, press the Delay Start Button until it reaches 0h.
The Refill Rinse Agent LED is activated via a Reed Switch on the Detergent Dispenser, Section 4, Fig. 8-3. The LED will
illuminate when the Rinse Agent Dispenser is empty.
Service note:
An "F" in the display window indicates a filling fault, see Section 6, Fig. 12-1 through Fig.12-6.
Please note:
If the door is opened during the cycle, the On/Off Button will be reset to off and must be depressed again
to re-active the cycle. The cycle will resume from where it left off.
The Refill Rinse Agent LED will also illuminate when the dishwasher door is opened and then
closed even if the Dispenser is full, but will only remain lit for a few seconds.
Fig. 3-6

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