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Aqua Sensor - Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual

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Aqua Sensor

Fig. 16-13
Fig. 16-14
The Aqua Sensor turbidity measuring device, Fig. 16-13, which is available only on select models,
evaluates the pre-wash water using a beam of light and a pick-up sensor.
If the beam passes easily through the pre-wash water then no additional wash water is added. If the
beam cannot pass through, then the pre-wash water is drained and a fresh fill is added for the main
wash cycle.
To replace the sensor, Fig. 16-14, slide it out from its housing located on the Heater Assembly.
Service note: Since the Aqua Sensor has no effect on washability, it should never be replaced. Only if a
leak were to occur should service be performed on this component.

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