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Bosch SHI 4302 Repair Manual page 12

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SHU 3002/3006/3012/3016/4002/4006/4016/4022/4026/4036
Fig. 3-1
The SHU 30** and 40** are both mechanical units that operate using a basic Timer and Selector Switch.
TO OPERATE EITHER MODEL, (a SHU 4006 is shown):
Fig. 3-2.
First select a cycle by pushing the corresponding Cycle Button in. The Cycle Button remains in
the indented position until another cycle is chosen.
Now, depress the On/Off Button until it locks in place and the On LED illuminates.
The On lamp will remain illuminated until the On/Off Button is depressed a second time
turning the unit off.
If the door is opened during the cycle, the On/Off Button will be reset to off and must
again be depressed to re-active the unit.
Fig. 3-1.
Then, turn the Timer Knob slowly clockwise to the start position and release. You will hear the
Drain Motor activate.
The Timer Knob will continue to advance clockwise back to the twelve O'clock position until the
cycle is complete.
Please note: During the Rinse & Hold Cycle the Timer Knob will only advance to the two O'clock
position and then stop, indicating the end of the Rinse & Hold cycle.
Fig. 3-2

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