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Surface Cooking; Flame Size; Using The Wok Stand - Kenmore 790.79012 Use & Care Manual

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Surface Cooking
Setting Proper Flame Size
Using the Wok Stand
Never extend the flame beyond the
outer edge of the utensil. A higher
flame simply wastes heat and energy,
and increases the risk of being burned
by the gas fame.
For most cooking - start on the highest control setting and then turn to a
lower one to complete the process. Use the recommendations
below as a
guide for determining proper flame size for various types of cooking. The size
and type of utensil used and the amount of food being cooked will influence the
setting needed.
*Flame Size
High Flame
Medium Flame
Low Flame
Type of Cooking
Start most foods; bring water to a boil; pan broiling.
Maintain a slow boil; thicken sauces, gravies; steaming.
Keep foods cooking; poach; stewing.
For deep fat frying - use a thermometer and adjust the surface control knob
accordingly. If the fat is too cool, the food will absorb the fat and be greasy. If
the fat is too hot, the food will brown so quickly that the center will be
Do not attempt to deep fat fry too much food at once as the food
will neither brown nor cook properly.
*Note: Settings are based on using medium-weight
metal or aluminum
pans, Settings may vary when using other types of pans. The color of the
flame is the key to proper burner adjustment. A good flame is clear, blue and
hardly visible in a well-lighted room. Each cone of flame should be steady and
sharp. Adjust or clean burner if flame is yellow-orange.
the Wok Stand
The Wok Stand provided with your range is designed to allow round-bottomed
woks to be used. It is recommended
that you use a 14 inch diameter (35.5
em) Wok. The Wok Stand MUST be used on either the right or left FRONT
burner positions. Cooking with a Wok using the Wok Stand on the rear burner
positions may damage the control panel of the range. And it is recommended
that you use the right front POWER burner for best performance. If properly
positioned, the Wok Stand will not slide off the grate.
the Wok Stand:
With the grate in position over the burner, set the Wok Stand on top of the
grate positioning the angled notch in the Wok Stand towards the rear of the
range (See Fig 1 ). Turn the Wok Stand, as shown, until the grate fingers fit into
the slots on the bottom of the stand (See Fig. 2).
Always use potholders to
remove the wok stand from the grate.
Allow the wok stand to cool before
Do not set hot wok stand on
surfaces that cannot withstand high
heat; such as countertops.
Be sure the Wok Stand
is positioned correctly and stable before
use to prevent hot spills and possible
Position Wok Stand centered over burner grate
with angled notch In lower ring
of Wok Stand as shown. Lower on to grate
To insure a steady lock
with the burner grate, turn
Wok Stand with both
aS shown
Figure 1
Figure 2