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Shut Off; The Water Bucket - Kenmore 580.52650 Owner's Manual

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When thebucket i sfull,orwhenthebucket i s notintheproper p osition, theBucket F ulllightturnson
andtheunitautomatically shuts off.
Also,when bucket i s outofposition, theunitwillbeep3times.
Thebucketmustbereplaced in the properpositionforthe dehumidifier t owork.The lightwill
and the dehumidifier
will not run if the bucket is not in the proper position.
The water bucket can be emptied in one of three ways:
Empty the bucket manually.
When the bucket is full,
remove and empty it into a
large sink or tub. When
finished, replace it properly.
NOTE: To replace the bucket
make sure the
slots on the back of bucket
are positioned
Place the dehumidifier
directly over drain.
The bucket has a threaded
hose connection which can be
left open. Drill a 1/4" (6.4ram)
to 1/2"(13mm) hole in the
center of the hose connection.
Once opened, the hose
connection will continually
drain water from the bucket.
Attach a garden hose to the
threaded bucket drain hose
connection to carry water
When being attached to the
bucket drain hose connection,
be sure the hose doesn't kink
or bend. It should lie fiat from
the dehumidifier
to the drain.



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