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Your Kenmore
Choice Bread Machine
baked goods with ease. This marvelous
asks only that you carefully
follow the recipe
Use indicated
and measure
them precisely.
For best results,
have your ingredients
at room temperature
(70 ° ) unless
Press START. You have now entered
the amazing
of Easy Baking.
Yeast and Whole Grain Breads
The mention
of fresh-baked
bread evokes different
for different people. But, there's one thing
certain about all good yeast and whole grain breads.
They're always moist and meaty. Pinch or squeeze a slice
of good bread. It will, slowly but surely, resume its
original shape. Your Bread Machine produces satisfying
results if you carefully follow directions
and use the
indicated ingredients.
Bread Flour: Now available in most supermarkets,
bread flour is
higher in gluten than unbleached
all-purpose flour. Gluten, a
natural protein found in wheat flour, makes dough elastic when
efficiently kneaded. This high gluten content produces higher
volume loaves. Bread flour is the flour of choice when working with
yeast and whole grain breads, unless otherwise specified.
Active Dry Yeast: Use only active dry yeast - never fast-rising
yeast or compressed
cake yeast. Check its expiration date. Yeast is
the leavening agent that causes dough to expand or "rise." Liquid
and warmth bring yeast back to life. When reactivated, yeast
releases carbon dioxide bubbles that make well-kneaded
dough rise.
Sweetener and Salt: Never eliminate the sweetener in the recipe.
Yeast uses it as energy on which to grow. Salt also plays an
important role. It helps stabilize the rising process so that the
dough rises evenly.
Non-fat Dry Milk: Always use non-fat dry milk to prevent
spoilage and to maintain the proper balance of wet to dry
If there are eggs in the recipe, never use the
timer in order to prevent spoilage.
Always use stick butter/margarine.
It has less
moisture than tub butter/margarine
and less air than whipped.
Measure: i stick = 1/2cup = 8 tablespoons.
Quick Breads, Cookies & Bars, and Pastries
The secret to making delectable, chewy cookies is to
mix the ingredients
just enough as to not overwork the
flour and develop too much of the gluten. This is just the
opposite of making yeast and whole grain breads .The
same rule for cookies and bars applies to making quick
breads, pie crusts and other types of pastry doughs.
is Essential: The Kenmore Choice Bread Machine
is programmed
to eliminate any of the guesswork. However, it is
essential that you be well organized. Start by preparing all
as indicated in the recipe. Have them ready to add
when listed in directions.
Do not deviate from the specified
sequence since that could affect the finished product.

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Table of Contents

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