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Kenmore Easy Baking Recipe & Instruction Booklet page 4

Bread machine with multi-logic
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dry inhibiting
the bread to rise properly.
(/_y adding one
to two tablespoons
of additional
water for better baking
Too much sugar in a recipe may also cause
bread to overbake.
The same is true with dried fruits.
Try cutting down on the amount
called for in the recipe
by 25 to 50%.
Do not use your Bread Machine if the room
is lower than 65°F since the dough will not
rise well and the loaves will be short.
If the ambient
is higher than 85°E the dough can over-rise
and the bread can possibly collapse or wrinkle
baking and the crumb texture will be coarse.
The ideal
for making bread is always 70 ° to 80°F.
For a crisp, crunchy
crust, always remove the bread
from the Bread Machine after the baking and cool down
cycles. Remove from the pan and let cool on a wire rack
in a draft free location.
For a softer crust, immediately
place the baked loaf of bread in an open plastic bag or
loosely wrap in foil.
The size of the baked loaf of bread will vary from loaf
.to loaf due to ingredients
and ambient
the general rule is that the bread size
should be 1-inch from the top of the pan to 1-inch below
the top. If you are making bread using whole grain
flours, the size of the loaf will be shorter.
If additional baking assistance
is needed, please refer
to the baking information contained
in this book
or consult the owner's manual.
Kenmore Choice Bread Machine with Multi-Logic_



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