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Pull Compensation Settings - Brother BES Lettering Instruction Manual

Instruction manual - english.
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Pull Compensation Settings

Pacesetter BES Lettering allows you to adjust the pull
compensation in your design. In the Properties panel, you can
use the settings available in the Pull Compensation area to
adjust the pull compensation of text objects.
There are two types of pull-compensation, which differ in the
way that the pull compensation is determined.
A percentage pull-compensation calculates the change
made to the stitches' width based on their original width.
An absolute pull compensation is simply an extra amount of
width which is added to the stitches regardless of their
original length.
When you use percentage pull-compensation, you can also
enter a value in the Max range box of the Pull Compensation
area. This value sets an absolute maximum limit on the size of
the pull compensation. If the calculated pull compensation
value goes over this length, the actual stitches that are
generated will be limited to this length.
To adjust the pull compensation:
1 Select the item you want to adjust.
2 Press ALT + Enter to display the Properties panel, if it is not
already visible.
You see the Properties panel.
3 In the Pull Compensation Area of the Properties panel, click
the down arrow to the right of the Type field.
4 A list of options is displayed.
5 Select one of the following options:
 None. Makes no adjustments to pull compensation.
 Percentage. Enter the percentage in the Value % box
and, if necessary, enter the maximum value of pull-
compensation in the Max Range box.
You can also adjust the value % number using the value %
Text Properties


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